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2nd April 2006

lost_snow_angel3:19pm: asked to have posted from tretocephalus

Henry Rollins Show - 040106
Always glad to see the greatest pop icon of my generation (imho) Iquickly settled down to be entranced and enthralled by Henry Rollins'premier show tonight on IFC. The first guest was Oliver Stone, anothertitan of my subconscious. My hopes and dreams were quickly and quietlyassasinated as the interview unfolded and the most interestingobservation I could make was Oliver's matching red-ish orange sportscoat and matching socks. There was a brief but expected rantsurrounding George W and the inevitable comparisons with Nixon andVietnam but not one thought provoking comment from either of thesegreat minds.

Thenext course offered by the show's menu was a letter from Henry to LauraBush sarcastically offering friendship based upon commonalities such asan "attention span that lasts over thirty minutes." Luckily I too am amember of this club and made it to the end of the show. Maybe that istoo harsh as the cinematic backdrop to the monologue of the letter wasHenry in a tub typing on a laptop or Henry washing a coffee mug in whatI assume was the run-down kitchen of the same house. The set was greatand took me back to the locales I visited in my less than mainstreamyouth.

From the first viewing of the trailer for the show I hadbeen excited about the musical guest, Sleater-Kinney. I love punk andgirls so this was bound to excite me. The song opened and instantly myheart plummeted as the vocals started. Lucky for me my 4 month old sonhad fallen asleep in my arms and I didn't feel like waking him to walkaway to get a glass of tea. Corin Tucker, I want to have your children.The song blossomed into a true punk anthem and my appreciation for theentire show was elevated enough to continue watching.

Henry thenoffered another sarcastic monologue on the Blackberry and its affect onhis life such as the further dimension sending emails anytime had addedto his sex-life.

Overall perhaps I had set the bar too highfor even my hero to clear. Where was the poetry and mental stimuli ofBlack Coffee Blues, the humor of Henry's spoken word, the angst ofBlack Flag? These were the reasons I tuned in as well as the reasons Iwas turned off. The show closed with credits rolling across the screento The Rollins Band, ever powerful and moving. Don't get me wrong, Iwill watch again next week if only because of rubber-necker syndrome. Ihope you will too cause in my book, Henry Rollins is still the greatestpop icon of my generation.

Link to the show's website: http://www.ifc.com/henry/

28th February 2006

lost_snow_angel7:30am: 2/28 second word

21st February 2006

lost_snow_angel7:50am: 2/21 2nd word

14th February 2006

lost_snow_angel8:14am: this weeks word
Current Mood: contemplative

8th February 2006

lost_snow_angel10:09am: rl effects the game has on you
i think i play for all the wrong reasons lately. I want to be a part of so much but i cant and it bothers me. not to mention other things that bother me about the game. certain people get on my nerves and yet others i cant stop talking to. its an interesting mix of personalities. yet one stands out above all others. at least to me.. has there been a certain person in a game that has given you wierd feelings ( either good or bad) that you cant seem to shake even after you log off? i dont want names or any other identifying things. just a simple yes or no and good or bad.
i will go first. i think about alot of people from this guild alot. from thier stories to thier lives to just certain little quirks i tell my rl friends about when we are able to get together.like for instance. there are 3 people on a daily basis that affect me alot. 2 of which i roll my eyes and cringe as soon as i see them log on. and the other one makes me smile and blush when they log on. one of my friends thinks imsilly for getting attached to people in a game this way. but in her case we would never have met if it wasnt for a game. I met her sister in a MuD i played and got to know her when her sister told her i baby sit. almost 4 years later i am friends with her still and her sister and i had a major falling out over her ....... morals... and me stuck in the middle of it.. I made 2 other rl friends from that same game that live close. has being in a game affected your personal life in anyway. not just WoW but any game you have played.

7th February 2006

lost_snow_angel11:17am: 2/7 second weekly word.
Steal ( like the verb form of stolen)
now discuss or comment.
if you dont have an account you dont have to make one just comment and put your chars name.

3rd February 2006

lost_snow_angel4:50pm: dead
wow noone seems to want to post in here.. i am all alone. if you need help learning how to use this feel free to ask.. if not fine. just post something. a comment an entry.. SOMETHING BOYS!!!!!!!! what's a girl gotta do to get some action.. Ohhhhhh i know.. *flashes her midget boobies*

26th January 2006

lost_snow_angel2:27pm: Virgin Post
This community can be used for anything you like. So make a journal and add this community. nothing you post has to be in your character if you dont want it. so make a name you want and start the fun.
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